Fashionable Disposable Wigs For Men and Women

Wigs are the artificial hair and can be designed for both men and women. Wigs are made from synthetic fiber, human hair, horse hair, animal hair etc. Generally people wear wigs to disguise baldness. Wigs can turn your style up a notch for any occasion.

Fashionable wigs for women, wigs for women, wigs,Wigs are specially designed according to the trends followed by the youth.
They may also be worn as part of fancy dress. Wigs are used in film, theater, and television. Celebrities have popularized wigs. Some men who dressed as women wear wigs in different styles to make their hair seem more feminine. Wigs are worn by people on daily basis or occasionally.
If one is suffering from hair loss due to medical reasons can nurture their look by wearing wigs.
These are disposable hair, comfortable to wear and can stick to the skin on temporary basis by applying glue. wigs are available in the market in affordable prices.
Types of Wigs: Wigs are of two types The traditional machine stitched weft wig and the hand tied lace wig. Machine stitched weft wigs are most widely used today.
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